When it comes to manufacturing products the material and processes used in developing it makes all the difference. Jevny is one of the most trusted name since its inception to over three decades for manufacturing products for all industry types.

Rapid Prototype China

We all know when it comes to rapid prototype China CNC prototype, 3D printing prototype and clear plastic machining prototype tops the list. Out of all these 3D printing prototype is the most complex ad attractive one as it involves manufacturing of complex designs which involves complex prototype geometries. We have developed some of the exquisite 3D designs using best of the geometry and best of the technology. The second challenging category is the clear plastic machining prototype whose purpose is to develop clear machine parts so that all the functioning of the machine could be visible from outside. We use acrylic machining, vacuum casting and vapor polishing methods for developing best quality clear plastic machinery.

If you require automotive bumpers, air spoilers and fenders, then we also manufacture high quality molds using the best of polymers through reaction injection molding. We can provide you custom molds for all parts required within your industry manufactured with high precision and quality. All the products developed with you be it rapid prototype China or reaction injection molding goes through quality assurance process and are all ISO certified.

Contact us today, we will assist you in getting the finest manufactured products that too at affordable rates. We can also suggest you with what type of prototyping would be best suited to you as per your requirement and industry type. We are having association with the top brands widespread around  automotive, medical, aerospace, military, consumer and home appliances industries. Jevny is also having a list of many satisfied customers, testimonials of whom you can refer on our website. 


Jevny Technology
Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China
Email: Freequote@jevny.com


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